2023-05-15 Related publications from past activities by Tohoku University

Khatri, P., T. Hayasaka, H. Irie, H. Letu, T. Y. Nakajima, H. Ishimoto, and T. Takamura, Quality assessment of Second-generation Global Imager (SGLI)-observed cloud properties using SKYNET surface observation data, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 15(6), 1967-1982, doi:10.5194/amt-15-1967-2022, 2022.

Khatri, P., H. Iwabuchi, T. Hayasaka, H. Irie, T. Takamura, A. Yamazaki, A. Damiani, H. Letu, and Q. Kai, Retrieval of cloud properties from spectral zenith radiances observed by sky radiometers, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 12(11), 6037-6047, doi:10.5194/amt-12-6037-2019, 2019.

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